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version Feb. 2003

casu is a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) code for 3D hydrostatic open channel flow simulations. It was created for scientific purposes.
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casu is an open source software.

Its numerical algorithm is based on the proposals of CASULLI et al. In casu these ideas are extended to unstructured grids and a k-epsilon turbulence model is added.

casu has been carefully tested. Input data can be downloaded from the test cases section.

casu was coded in C++ by Jens Wyrwa. It was developed and tested under LINUX (2.0.36). It was compiled with the g++ Compiler (version 981208-1). All this is part of the SuSE 6.0 distribution.

For solving linear equation systems, the AZTEC library is used (which needs to be installed before running casu).

In order to install casu, download the source, extract it with >tar xvfz casu_source.taz and compile with >make.

For using casu, have a look at the short description and take the test cases as examples.

There are no pre- and post-processing tools included in casu. I used mouse and gnuplot for these purposes.

You are invited!

Jens Wyrwa